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How to refer a patient:

In order to align with the health connect registry and PCN Priority Patient Program, The High-Complexity Care Team no longer accepts referrals directly. Please send the attached form to the PCN Priority Patient Program at 778-698-4569 or email or


If your patient is appropriate for attachment to the HCCT, they will be attached in order of triage priority. We cannot guarantee a specific wait time. However, being registered with the PCN Priority Patient Program will also open up other opportunities while they wait. If you feel your patient is an exceptional case and needs to be prioritized for HCCT Specifically above all others due to an imminent clinical need or high rate of acute care utilization, or if you have an exceptional inpatient consult, then your department head, medical director, clinic manager or Island Health Manager/Director may email our team leads:


Western Communities:


Leadership-to-leadership referrals such as this are intended to be for exceptional cases, and are decided on a case-by-case basis.

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